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Crafting Digital Experiences for the Outdoors, Tourism, and Dining

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WELCOME Garlic Tech, where innovation meets tradition. With several years of experience in Flutter and web development, we have garnered a rich legacy of partnering with startups like Starschema. We have honed our skills and expertise during our tenures at Fortune 500 behemoths such as Nokia, Morgan Stanley, and General Electric. Our expertise even extends to CERN, the world's leading physical laboratory.


Recently, our passion has steered us towards creating applications that seamlessly blend the digital realm with traditional activities, such as outdoor adventures and dining experiences. Our mission isn't to replace these beloved activities but to augment them. We are staunch believers that a judicious integration of today's technologies can beautifully enhance the charm of the "old" way of living. 


Suppose you're passionate about creating outdoors, sports, or dining apps. In that case, it's time to consider Flutter your go-to platform. Elevate your digital creations and reach out to us for a collaborative journey!

Zsolt /ʒolt/



AnyUpp - UX, design, development, agile tech leading of this fancy app that could answer some COVID questions in the catering industry. Try it in KAJAHU, a test restaurant in Budapest. A Cyberg project.

A risk analyzing app for General Electric. Take a picture with a heat camera, then find anomalies with AI. It was a project of Starschema. Ionic, cloud, agile approach. BTW we did some Tableau-based big data stuff with Starschema as well.

gTrack Sport App - a demo app for a hike search engine. The app just demonstrates some of its aspects. Neo4j graph database, AI image processing, rich, extendable content capable of distilling public info into immersive hiking experience. Download and try it in the App Store!

PayCap - a mobile, blockchain-based payment app for Capital Hitelhaz - a prototype written in Ionic. With a touch of AI. A Cyberg project.

Large Hadron Collider - this is a pre-Garlic development at CERN but worth mentioning 😎. Responsible for the file transfer service of the system. C++, Computing Grid, a lot of scientific stuff. BTW, the LHC contributed to research awarded by Nobel prize (hunting down the God particle).

YAHA - coming soon :) Yet another hiking app, with some extra. A full Garlic product. The GINOP program of the EU partially funded it. Walk your selected hikes in different ways (contest, path following, etc.) and obtain a certificate of completion. And you cannot cheat 😏

Pre-Garlic: working for General Electric Healthcare, Morgan Stanley, Nokia-Siemens Network, plus some smaller ones. The range was quite wide, from scientific software written in C to embedded system.


⌖ Hungary, 1139 Budapest, Tahi u. 40/a fszt. 3

+36 70 310 6079

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