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A Decade Ago, A Dream Was Born: Revolutionizing Hiking with Technology

Ten years back, I envisioned a world where hiking would be more than just footsteps on a trail. I dreamt of integrating advanced technology to support and elevate the hiking experience beyond mere navigation. With passion fueling my journey, I bootstrapped the operations and made significant headway.

But unfortunately, my commitment attracted the attention of an "angel" investor. Angels are sometimes devils đŸ‘č 😭. However, as the narrative often goes in the startup world, not every investment is golden. Despite their financial prowess, those investors lacked a proper understanding of the vision and its potential. This misalignment led to a derailment of our progress and stifled our momentum.

Yet, dreams are resilient. Today, in 2023, I am on a mission to rekindle my original vision, but with the wisdom of a decade and the advantages of modern-day technology. I've learned from the past, both from the successes and the hurdles, and I've determined to give that dream a new lease on life – this time, even better and more attuned to the needs of today's adventurers.

As a kind of summary or starting point, I published the gTrack Sport app a couple of months ago. Leveraging a sophisticated engine, the backend behind the app can process GPX tracks - a standard file format that contains GPS data like waypoints, routes, and tracks. Furthermore, this engine is designed to enrich these tracks by fetching educational and insightful content relevant to the hike, promising users an immersive experience.

So this is the point where we stand up again. And today, we have accessible AI, the technology we envisioned even in 2013. So, let's see where we can go.

Kindly note that this app is not intended for general consumer use. It serves as a demonstration of potential capabilities. This demo aims to provide a glimpse into the transformative experiences the full app promises. If certain features or elements resonate, we invite you to contact me. Doing so could create a constructive dialogue about transforming these ideas into a viable, market-ready product. I believe in collaboration and value input that can help shape and refine our offerings. Your insights and expertise could be the key to crafting a product tailored to the market's needs. We eagerly await the opportunity to discuss potential pathways and to embark on a mutually beneficial journey.

On the technical side, our backend is bolstered by the Neo4j graph database, renowned for its efficiency and performance. Additionally, we've integrated Amazon Recognition, an AI-based service adept at identifying and filtering images to bring visually appealing and pertinent images to the fore.

Lastly, it's noteworthy to mention that gTrack Sport was meticulously crafted using Flutter - a modern framework known for its efficiency and seamless user experience.

I hope this sheds light on what gTrack Sport is all about and what it brings to the table for avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Are you considering an outdoor, sports, or dining app but don't know where to start? Then I might help with bits of advice. Book a free 30 minutes of consultation, and let's talk! I love talking to like-minded people. In English or Hungarian.

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